#FRUGALITYPAYS Money Saving Tips For the Underachiever

| January 14, 2014


#FRUGALITYPAYS Money Saving Tips For the Underachiever

Thank You for your interest in #FRUGALITYPAYS. Your feedback is VERY important to me so once you’re finished reading the book, please take a few moments to write a review. There are a lot of people looking for a book with real results led by easy to follow instructions. By letting others know what you take away from this book will aide them with making a great decision in wise spending.

In this book readers are given simple suggestions on how to either put money back into their pockets or prevent money from fleeing in the first place. The author speaks from the experience of being a former haphazard spender to developing a disciplined frugal mind by using strategy and creativity to save money. This book is ideal for people who never took, or had time to educate themselves on how to maintain a frugal lifestyle while not cutting into their couch time. The underachievers.

No mistaking, this book isn’t just for the underachievers, it contains numerous money saving tips and strategies that everyone can benefit from. This isn’t just a book, it’s a reference manual that you can continually refer back to for guidance and motivation. I promise that If you follow and execute any of these simple steps, you will start seeing savings immediately. I put my name on it.

5 Important Tips You’ll Learn In This Book:

  • Creative strategies that when implemented will save you thousands of dollars. GUARANTEED!



  • You will learn to properly automate your bill payments and a lot of your monotonous shopping needs without ever having to leave your couch.



  • I will show you how I saved over $20,000 a year just by improving the way I shop and paid for my entertainment. You will learn to do the same thing.



  • I will show why everyone should have credit cards and how to make them make you money without the threat of interest charges.



  • I will show you how frugality is more than just saving as much money as you can. Frugality is a mentality that when perfected will change your view of life in general. You will learn that what you thought you really wanted, you do not need. The difference between needs and wants is what the frugal person is exceptional at identifying.




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