The Girl from Thandar

The Girl From Thandar (Synchronicity Book 1) - ASIN B07L3M8X32

When college co-ed, Scarlett, wakes up she knows something is off, but she has no idea just how off!
Finding herself on a ship going god knows where Scarlett realizes she’s in trouble. Trouble turns out to be an intergalactic hell hole where slavery, prostitution and violence are not only accepted, but are the bread and butter of corrupt governments, criminals and raiders.
When she finds out that she has been kidnapped and enslaved by raiders intent on selling her off, Scarlet knows she has to get away. But hiding is not easy for a Thandaran. Their legendary powers make them a valuable commodity, their blood even more so. With the discovery of the sacred stone, the price on her head just got a whole lot bigger.
Should Scarlett trust the man who took her captive in the first place, or is it time she stood up and took charge of her own destiny?

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