Past Scars, Future Hearts: Misjudged (Past Scars, Future Hearts: Romance Series Book 1)

Past Scars, Future Hearts is a contemporary medical urban romance by Luna A. Greenly, set in the city life of New York City. Dr. Suzanne Hart, Dr. Samesh Chetty and Dr. Keenan Ross work in the emergency department of a public hospital, the New York City Clinic (NYCC). The hospital isn’t an easy place to work. Chronic shortages of staff, funding, maintenance, equipment, and consumables can often make for overwhelming conditions in which some people shine, and others will be sucked into an abyss of despair and bad influences. In this contemporary medical urban romance, you will indeed feel the Past Scars and the Future Hearts of Suzanne, Samesh and Keenan amid the emergency department drama.

Suzanne, a young female doctor, still relatively inexperienced, who’s just been hired by the hospital, only took the job at the hospital because it was all she could get. At first, Suzanne believes that this might be just the opportunity she was waiting for to escape her past. She is determined to leave her past behind. Her secrets have only ever caused her pain; that’s why she moved to New York City – to get away from them. She can build a new life here as an emergency doctor. At least, so she thinks.

Suzanne is driven and relentless; she is an outstanding clinician, but her bedside manner is lacking, both in her profession and in her life. She lost both her parents as a child and went through the foster system, changing hands frequently and often ending up in abusive foster homes. Despite it all, Suzanne beat the odds to become a doctor, and she’s determined to build a career for herself.

Suzanne shuns all kinds of connections, terrified of being hurt again, and is ferociously independent. As a teenager, she was often desperate, and her darkest secret is that she was arrested repeatedly. Those records have been sealed as everything happened when she was a kid, so she was able to obtain her doctorate, but her past will always haunt her. She regrets what she did and suffers from impostor syndrome as a result. Suzanne also struggles to pay off student debt.

She’s earned the respect of an excellent mentor, Dr Keenan, and she’ll do whatever it takes to keep her secrets from him. But it’s her own heart, not her secrets, that end up getting in her way when she starts to work with fellow ER doctor, Samesh. He has everything she never did – money, opportunities, a wealthy family – and she just knows he’s judging her.

So why does her heart race every time she looks into his eyes? It’ll take a very sick patient to show Suzanne whether or not she can really trust Samesh as a young man’s life hangs in the balance…

“…very well written and the storyline is engaging. I think your readers will relate to the characters, and the setting is described accurately…” – Sheila Grimes, Top rated Editor, proofreader and writer

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