The Dreamlight Lucidity

Vast and spectral, The Dreamlight Lucidity uses color, humor and surreal imagery to illuminate a reality both alien and intimate. Whether it be a golden-eyed girl in a hospital bed or the janitorial nature of bears, Mayfield will show you the world as you’ve never seen it before.

From Blue Marble:

“Snow fell from the sky like grains of sand in an hourglass.
They slowly buried me, my new blanket of false warmth.
Light blue yawned and shifted like a milky marble above me.
The sun like my child’s face that I have yet to look upon.
Obscured and flaring as a warning that, I too,
Blaze over another and hide myself in a closing distance.
I heard the trees whisper and groan in the wind,
Like great slumbering friends.
They caught the weight of water upon their many hands,
The perfect white crystals, too heavy for heaven.”

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