Best Me Ever: A Self-Discovery Workbook To Heal Your Past, Accept Your Present And Find Yourself Again (Best Me Ever Series 1)

Become the best version of yourself and be happy again!

“How are you?” 

If you answered, “I’m fine”….. well, just “fine” is not good enough.

The truth is, “I’m fine’ is somewhere in between “I’m doing great” and “I’m actually drowning in deep sh*t”.

You mask how you truly feel because of fear of judgment and rejection. 

We choose to just suffer alone in silence.

And find ourselves feeling lost. Confused. Angry. Hopeless.

Because of past experiences, resistance towards the present, and anxiousness about the future.

But it could be better. A  LOT better. 

If you want to feel more than “just fine” and live the best possible version of your life, then this book is for you. 

Best Me Ever: A Self-Discovery Workbook To Heal Your Past, Accept Your Present and Find Yourself Again is your perfect companion as you journey towards the person you are meant to be as you become your best.

This is the first-ever interactive book in the best-selling #bestmeever series. 

Global Master Life Coach and Philippine Media Personality, Myke Celis, shares actual notes and letters he wrote to himself during his personal journey towards his best. 

In this book, you will find:

  • Enlightening ways to gain CLARITY in your life
  • Motivating words that will enrich your SOUL 
  • Encouraging prompts to help you DREAM and HEAL yourself
  • Inspirational notes to help you find COURAGE and overcome your fears

This workbook contains activity sheets that will allow you to inquire within and learn to be happy with yourself. 

Write love letters to yourself and find your worth again.

Energize your life with an extra dose of positivity through the pages of this life-changing book.

  • Part 1: Heal Your Past – make peace with your past as you let go of all the pain, anger, guilt and what could have been. Allow yourself to come from a space of forgiveness as you learn how to finally write love letters to your younger self.??
  • Part 2: Accept Your Present – You’ve survived. Now it’s time to thrive. Grow in your current space. Appreciate what you have and the lessons that you’ve learned from the past. Tell yourself through a beautiful heartfelt letter how far you’ve gone…and how far you can still go.
  • Part 3: Find Yourself Again – Everything that happened, all that you lost along the way, allowed you to find yourself again in the process. What’s next for you? How do you envision the person you’re meant to be? Visualization is key as you write a life-changing letter to your future self, your own #bestmeever.

Live the life you truly deserve.

You can have the life that makes you feel very happy, complete and fulfilled every single day.

Feel confident again.

Be more than just “I’m fine”.

Be free again!

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