The Tao of Thoth

| May 13, 2020

The Tao of Thoth unites Eastern and Western principles and practices to form the most potent book on self-development, of physical wellness and spiritual well being.

The Tao of Thoth is the most powerful empowering book of metaphysics since The Kybalion. The Tao of Thoth reveals The Eighth Tenet of Thoth through Taiji principles and practices of enhancement and the tale of Thoth Energy.

The lessons within The Tao of Thoth unite Eastern and Western self-development ideas through The Bagua, The Ogdoad, and much more.

The Tao of Thoth reveals the missing Eighth Tenet to enhance the more well known Seven Tenets of Thoth. There are principles and practices within The Tao of Thoth which will enhance your thinking and being, knowledge for wisdom. Through The Ogdoad and The Bagua numerous surprising paradigms arise including revelation of the secret symbolism of 33.

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