Yesterday, TIME, and Tomorrow

A modern-day fantasy, time travel romance adventure, mystery thriller with a couple, Ward and Jade, on a journey into unknown worlds and into the mystery of time. While trying to understand the mystery of their very existence and why they were alive as human beings living in this world of day and night, their lives become merged in the wonder of waking and dreaming. A fantasy adventure with the couple caught in the excitement and thrill of being alive and being in love. Be as their journey takes them into different worlds and through the mystery of time, their lives are also threatened with never-ending darkness; a darkness that reaches out to the endlessness of time.
A journey of a man and a woman searching for the meaning and true nature of their lives as human beings while living in this world of birth and death, this world that offers the glorious wonders of life while at the same time it’s a disturbing world that has no mercy for the living. Two people trying to understand the mystery and wonder of life in this world of yesterday, TIME, and tomorrow. This world of mystery and hope.

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