It’s The Stars Will Be Our Lamps

| January 15, 2014


It's The Stars Will Be Our Lamps

What readers say about Alan Walsh’s debut:

5/5 STARS “So human, so funny. – G, O. Houlahan

5/5 STARS “It was funny and terrifying, and talked a lot about how the world is today, even though the story itself is hundreds of years old. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone! – javajo

It’s Monday morning, and Conall Donoghue hasn’t a paper to read while he crams hot porridge into his oul yap. The paperboy will have to be found!

So begins Conall’s quest to find where Declan Mac Neassa and his brother Cormac have disappeared to, taking him on a journey to meet the worst weirdos and vagabonds in the wild little town of Bally. To learn about Fierce Dee O’Loughin and on to the secret at the heart of the whole town, threatening to tear it all to bits.

A modern retelling of the ancient Irish fable ‘Deirdre of the Sorrows’, we follow Dee as she tries to break free of her father’s hold, running away with a pair of local lads, her crow, and her diary. We follow Conall as his chase to find the paperboy turns into a quest to find his killer, meeting modern versions of the Morrigan, The Fianna and Cuchulainn, to name just a few. And we follow me, a drunken local Puca, hidden away, disguised safely so I can tell it all to yourselves!


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