My Favorite Bedtime Stories for Kids Ages 4-7

| May 21, 2020

— I’ll sate my sudden appetite for FUN before I say goodnight —
Bedtime often proves ‘dreadtime’ . . . but this needn’t be the case. “My Favorite Bedtime Stories” offers a sprawling collection of classic fairytales and funny fables that ensure your young one will look forward to being tucked in. These stories are packed with morals, which represent the perfect way to prime one’s dreams: considering kindness, worldly wisdom, intuition, and logic.

Along the way, toddlers and early readers will learn valuable lessons as well. “My Favorite Bedtime Stories” is embedded with ethics—everything from being honest to showing elders due respect, assisting those in need to taking true responsibility.
These are timeless tales. Enough to calm a stormy day. Enough to take us far away.
May bedtime be a small affair . . . and every dream enormous!

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