An Officer And A Gentleman Wanted: A Romantic Comedy

| January 15, 2014


An Officer And A Gentleman Wanted is a very funny British Comedy written in a light-hearted diary style, very loosely based on real events…

Beverley Wilkins promised herself when she started working at Britannia Royal Naval College, the Royal Navy’s premier officer training establishment, that she would eventually become that most envied of creatures – an officer’s wife!
She might be divorced and in her mid 40s, but it doesn’t mean she’s given up on romance – after all, she’s seen ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’…
The only problem is that so far, the only man in her life is her dog Nelson who unfortunately has a mind of his own – not for nothing was he named after Britain’s greatest hero.
But it’s a new term which means new officers.
Anything could happen…!

If you’re a fan of humorous military stories with a little bit of romance thrown in, then An Officer And A Gentleman Wanted is for you…

Author’s note: One or two readers have considered that I’ve been over zealous in my use of parentheses, so I’ve done my best to remove the majority of them. I have left a few in where I feel they add value to the story.

Praise for An Officer and a Gentleman Wanted…

“A well written and funny insight into the life of a civilian lady in a position of authority in a Royal Naval training establishment. Nelson, her dog, has half a mind of his own, (the other half is hiding somewhere) loved by all, causes her some problems, wonderful..”

“This irreverent story is a mixture of vulnerable femininity, delinquent dog and an irrepressible sense of fun in a setting of stuffy tradition at one of the world’s most famous naval training establishments. It’s well-written, fun and funny.”

“Best described as ‘Bridget Jones in a military establishment, it made me laugh out loud.”

“Eye-wateringly funny romantic comedy, it’s very clever and a very easy read”

“A rip-roaring funny romantic comedy”

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