Cal’s Vendetta

| May 22, 2020

This is a Classic Western by YOUR favorite Amazon Best Selling Author Sam Settle.
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Trouble has returned to Kerby, and Cal Rivers isn’t going to let it stay. This time it’s arrived in the form of Arliss Baumgartner, who seems to have a vendetta to serve with someone in town. And even though Cal swore to his family he’d give up his gunslinging ways, he can’t simply sit back and let his home be destroyed.

So with the help of Jay Waner and a few good men, Cal sets out to confront Arliss, even as the villain tries to take over the town. And as Cal learns more about the man’s purpose in Kerby, he also learns more about his own past—and how you can
never escape it.

How sometimes, the hardest battles are with ourselves. PLEASE ***Click the BUY Button to Grab this great deal NOW ***

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