Elemental Dragons Book 1: Blood and Water

| May 22, 2020

Not every dragon is born equal. Hazel and Aqueous will have to learn that the hard way.

Being an elemental is hard.

Just ask Hazel Adams who at fifteen finds herself being sent off for the next step in her training where she will receive her dragon egg. But, the camp harbours many dangers in disguise, she will soon find out that not all dragons are born equal.

Soon Hazel, along with her new family and friends, will have to learn to navigate the shifting political alliances and social castes that come along with being an elemental. But, among the political turmoil an even greater danger lurks. One that hasn’t been seen in centuries.

Will Hazel be able to raise her dragon and prove that it’s more than meets the eye or will she be defeated by the dark forces working against her?

Find out in Blood and Water, the first book in a new YA fantasy series that is sure to keep you glued to every page.

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