An Expendable Spy

| May 23, 2020

Jack Tate wants his old life back. Five years earlier he’d been shunted out of MI6 and into a British Intelligence backwater, where instead of running high level East German agents he’s reduced to snooping night after night on trade unionists and minor public officials…none of whom he believes are a particular threat to The State.

But now he’s been offered a way back into the Service. His superiors are willing to sanction his return to MI6 field operations on one condition; that he proves himself worthy by tracking down and eliminating the leadership of a Moscow funded terrorist group and exposing the identity of their KGB handler.

Undercover and working alone Tate knows he’s vulnerable. He knows he’ll have to kill if he doesn’t wish to end up dead himself. And he’s also beginning to realize that events and rivalries are conspiring against him and that time isn’t on his side. . .

Gritty yet hauntingly evocative, An Expendable Spy is a classic Cold War tale, set in the late nineteen seventies, that twists and turns from the canals and seedy bars of Amsterdam to the grim backstreets of London to the wilds of the English countryside while always keeping the reader guessing.

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