The Theory of Anything

| May 23, 2020

In this short intellectual crime novel…

A brilliant mathematics professor. A shocking murder.

The truth is more complex and unpredictable than it seems.

When Dr. David Solon walked out of the coffee shop on the afternoon of May 3, 2011, he didn’t expect to foil an attempted robbery in a nearby alley. He didn’t expect to recognize the would-be perpetrator of the crime. And he didn’t expect to shoot that man to death.

An hour earlier, he was sharing a breakthrough mathematical discovery with a colleague. A day earlier, he was unraveling a puzzle with implications for the events that shape our lives. And a week earlier, he was falling asleep beside his beloved wife of twenty-two years.

After a year of frustrated effort, a horrific tragedy sparks David’s incredible discovery about mathematical randomness. It’s a theory that will reshape his field and change the way everyone thinks about mathematics, physics, history and basic laws of cause-and-effect.

The Theory of Anything is an intellectual crime novel that takes readers back through the previous seven days to uncover the crime and subsequent events—random or predetermined—that will define David’s mathematical career and ruin his life.

Discover the secret behind this short intellectual crime novel today.

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