Not every dragon has wings…
Ruled by the foolish King Albion, the Kingdom of Arellia already faces wars from all sides. But the King is preparing for the greatest battle of all – a war of total extermination against the peaceful Dragon Wyrd.
Along with her dragon siblings, the weak and wingless dragon-girl Ashanti finds herself in the centre of a fight for everything she has ever known.
Swept up in the chaos are high-born mathematician Cannel, inexperienced mage Bianca, and unhappy soldier-son Kazut. Can a group of misfit children thrown together by chance band together to stop the war and save the dragons?
And will Ashanti ever uncover the mysterious secret of her past?

Get ready for a journey through a world of kings and soldiers, mages and mathematicians, ancient spirits and impertinent hats…
Oh, and dragons, of course

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