Here Comes the Night

| January 16, 2014


Here Comes the Night

There was a time when ex-football-star Buck Dearmore had it all: power, adoration, a seemingly bright future. But that was long ago.

Now the only tomorrows he considers worth living are those that include his lover, the wife of his boss. Hard as he finds it to do, once Buck kills the mean-spirited bank president, his path to happiness seems clear . . .for mere moments.

How could Buck have known henchmen would grab him only minutes later to roust him for gambling debts? And who would have guessed a dangerous parolee would–as daylight turns to dusk–impulsively take Buck’s custom Mustang on a bloody joyride?

There’s no way to know who’ll survive until dawn, and of those that do, who’ll be charged with which crime. Hang on tight, Here Comes the Night. A dark, steamy thriller in the tradition of film noir.

Written by the winner of Oklahoma’s 2013 Book of the Year in Fiction

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