The Whole Brain Child: Guide to Raising a Curious Human Being and Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind

The emphasis of this topic is on the nourishment of a child’s brain at an early age. Many parents and elders don’t realize the importance of the nourishment of a child’s brain, but it is of extreme importance. The human brain is a complex part of his body. It needed to be nurtured in the right and positive way. The response of an individual to his surroundings is the result of the nourishment of his brain. He will act in the way he has been treated by others. His reaction will be the outcome of the experiences he has faced in his childhood life. Baby’s brain begins to develop before his birth, and whatever situation his mother faces during her pregnancy, it has a direct effect on a child’s mind even inside his mother’s womb.

In this book, you will learn

•Early development of Brain
•Stages of Brain development
•Integration in Brain
•How brain and body are interconnected
•Revolutionary steps to nurture a child’s developing mind
•Innovative Strategies to nurture a child’s mind
•Changes in Brain
•How the brain changes with age
•Parenting Role in Nurturing a child’s mind
•Ways to improve a baby’s brain development
•Impact of external surrounding on brain development
•And many more

It is very important to nurture the child’s mind at an early age. This will impact him in a positive way, and he will be a productive asset for his environment. Moreover, If the child is not nurtured at an early age, he will become a negative person who will be problematic for his own life. A negative person can become cynic and destruction for his society. To avoid cynicism and negativity, it is important for parents to nurture their child’s brain even before birth. This book is the best one to get the ideas of nurturing your child’s mind.

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