Untangling the Mess: Revealing the Certainty of God’s Lover

| May 28, 2020

Hurtful messages. Manipulative tactics. Shame. Guilt. Sadly, these have all been used by people of faith to frighten, bully, and misrepresent the nature and extent of God’ love. You may have experienced these behaviors and tactics or know someone who has. They may have made you feel unloved and unlovable.

The fact that some Christians believe that using these approaches is the best way to convince someone to accept Jesus and get right with God is not only a problem but a tragedy. These unloving actions have created a tangled mess of God’s love.

Pam Northrup takes readers through an overview of the five common knots which have created the mess. Along the way she points out the problems with each knot and how they can be untied. Once the knots are untangled, Pam uses the threads to reveal the certainty of God’s love for you.

Throughout Untangling the Mess, you will encounter a different way of thinking about God and God’s relationship with you. This relationship doesn’t depend on your religious affiliation or lack thereof because it is God’s good pleasure to love you.

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