| June 1, 2020

A hero woodsman with a troubled past. An orphan fishergirl who wields magic from the sea. And a powerful evil only they can defeat.

Shogun Saban dreams of becoming a woodsman like his grandfather, to fly between the trees and listen to their stories. But his father wants to keep him rooted on the ground, stifling his son’s growing strength while keeping him from his childhood friend, a girl of the sea named Madigan who is learning to command the elements.

Beyond their little corner of the world, an old evil has sprouted and is quietly spreading, corrupting its victims and marking them with eyes full of shadows. When it reaches their sleepy hometown of Shrunken Hollow, Shogun and Madigan escape to find the origin of the darkness, but the answer lies in an old myth about a place that only exists in dreams.

With the aid of the forest and sea, Shogun and Madigan must unravel the myth before the darkness consumes their world – and themselves.

For fans of Amulet, The Night Circus, and His Dark Materials.

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