The Birthday Present

| June 2, 2020

Two stories for fans of futuristic fiction, period drama, and fairy tale.

The Birthday Present (with MC) is a pair of evocative short stories about girls whose worlds are coming to an end. Lucy (The Birthday Present) and Alyce (Millhaven Castle) both belong to tiny subcultures that were created in a violent, flawed past that is now only dimly understood. Lucy’s world is science fiction, ruled by improved versions of humans called GMFs. She is supposed to blend in with a colony of hidden humans, but she is actually a time-traveler from history with a built-in mission of her own. Alyce lives in a small rural kingdom, reminiscent of fairy tales, ruled by a dynasty that took over the country questionably. Her people, the Sherbans, are still locked in a humdrum argument about that succession, but it turns out the king cares about those old politics quite as much as they do. Each girl owns a special item, like a box or a bracelet, that could resolve centuries-old disputes as friends in unexpected places and a number of surprises accompany the end of an era and the start of something new.

Science Fiction and Fantasy; Short Stories and Anthologies. 117 pages. No content warnings. 

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