The Ladies’ Game (Evolution’s Path Book 2)

| June 4, 2020

They all want feisty British journalist Fleur Nichols dead.

The CIA think she is a Jihadist sympathiser.

The Jihadists think she is a CIA informant.

She is on the hit list of a renegade assassin.

But the biggest threat of all is the deadly virus that has been let loose on the world, leading to the closure of international borders and the imposition of martial law.

If that wasn’t enough her partner has been killed by a suicide bomber in Pakistan and the whistleblowing documentary they were working on has been suppressed by the government.

Now it seems that Wenna Cavendish, deputy head of MI5 and once her friend has turned against her.

As the death toll rises and the killers close in, Fleur discovers she is pregnant.

Against seemingly impossible odds can Fleur fight on to protect herself and her unborn child from her adversaries and preserve the kind of democratic society she has always fought for?

Get this book to find out who will survive the deadly pandemic.

The Ladies’ Game is a gripping, fast-moving thriller set in an ominously believable near future.

It’s perfect for fans of Tom Clancy, Margaret Atwood and Michael Crichton.

Peter Hill has recently returned to novel writing after a successful career as a scriptwriter, editor and producer for many renowned TV drama series both in the UK and New Zealand where he now lives. He is the author of the internationally published British police detective books ‘The Staunton and Wyndsor Series’ and ‘The Commander Allan Dice Books’ which are now available as eBooks.
Under his pen name, John Eyers, he was commissioned to write spin-off novels from famous TV series, ‘Survivors: Genesis of a Hero’ and ‘Special Branch: In at the Kill’.
Now writing in the genre of near and far-future fiction, Peter’s new series ‘Evolution’s Path’, is alarmingly relevant to circumstances in the world today.


‘This is a taut, handsome job, beautifully written, full of real characters and acute observations.’
The New York Times

‘Exceptionally well told, with satisfying outcome.’
Columbus Sunday Dispatch

‘Peter Hill does a fine job with character, plot, atmosphere and suspense.’
Publishers Weekly

‘… an acute professionalism. What is even better, it has the holding qualities of a rock-loving limpet.’
The Bookseller

‘A tremendous piece of fast moving fiction. Not one word wasted, the story starts and ends with a bang.’
Coventry Evening Telegraph

‘Taut, sharp, fast moving.’
Manchester Evening News

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