Those Cats are Crazy! (Funny Cats Series)

| January 17, 2014


Those Cats are Crazy! (Funny Cats Series)

Do Your Cats Do Silly Stuff to Make You Laugh?

As most people’s daily lives seem to become more stressful, if you own a cat or two, at least you have a little furry friend who can help give you companionship and will be there to snuggle up with you and help get you into a better mood when you return home.

Our cats never cease to make me laugh. I refer to them as my “little jokers” — and as the old saying goes, laughter is the best medicine.

This book contains hundreds of slightly “off-kilter” pictures of cats that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Even if you aren’t the owner of a cat, you may want to adopt one of those little rascals after looking through the entire book!

By purchasing this book you’ll also be donating to Animal Health Foundation…

And you will be eligible to win $500.00 for the best funny cat picture which will used in future volumes of “Those Cats are Crazy!” books

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Thank you for purchasing this book!

It’s all about…Those Crazy Cats!


Phil & Brenda White



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