The Prayer: A haunting children’s christmas tale that captures the true spirit of Christmas

| January 17, 2014


The Prayer: A haunting children's christmas tale that captures the true spirit of Christmas

The words of The Prayer will stay with you forever. A haunting children’s Christmas tale from the imagination of Stephan J Myers, The Prayer is a rhapsody of images and words that will linger long after the last page is turned. Images and words that touch that special place inside, where the heart and mind know no boundaries. A tale of hope and reflection for readers young and old, as the ghost of Christmas fades and a New Year begins.

Since it was first written in 2009, The Prayer has been read by thousands of readers across the world in its original text; leaving the imagination of the reader to paint the images the words evoke. For the first time, the words of The Prayer come to life as they were originally intended.

Praise for Stephan J Myers

“Myers’ fairy tale is a rhapsody of colours, musicality and clever rhyming …… Each picture, with its vivid colours and soft lines, is a narrative statement of its own…so brilliant it should be framed!”

“This is definitely a book that will be treasured and read again and again. The thing I still remember about my favourite childhood reads is the illustrations. There is so much detail on every page, I’m sure these will be remembered by generations to come.”

“As far as writing and illustration go this is what dreams are made of. Immaculately written and illustrated.”

“A truly charming & magical story by the very talented Stephen J Myers. As for the illustrations, they are simply stunning! I would highly recommend this book. A delightful read for all ages.”


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