A Renaissance Romance: Dreams, Thoughts, Hopes, Prayers

| June 9, 2020
A Renaissance Romance: Dreams, Thoughts, Hopes, Prayers - ASIN B089RWRNVJ

Created in Florence, Italy, Orpheus was a vision of manhood; the finest specimen of marble statue ever carved by a master Renaissance sculptor. 

Reaching the epitome of perfection of the male physique – more muscled, anatomical and proportionate than any living human model could ever be. 

Luscious locks of hair framing a heavenly face, with exquisite features that were beyond any mortal’s hope to possess; like those of Botticelli’s angels. 

1384 was the golden year of the Renaissance period in which he was painstakingly chiseled and crafted from the finest Italian marble. That was also the year in which Orpheus became besotted, totally in love with Gisele.  

And who was Gisele, you might ask? She was well, human, just like the rest of us. A shy servant girl working her heart out in the foremost sculpture workshop of Florence, Italy. One sincere careworn soul that went unnoticed by the artisans of the workshop but was the deeply treasured one of Orpheus’ heart. 

How did the two of them surmount obstacles to pursue this almost impossible romance? Get this wonderful read at a special limited price of $0.99 to find out. 

Extract from the Story:

“Still, she was not broken. 

Not one human cared. But there was one who was listening to the silent implorations of her heart, amidst the chiselling and hammering at the workshop and the moulding and firing of the pottery hearth.

He was Orpheus. 

Chiselled out of unyielding marble to perfection, like David of Michelangelo’s fame. 

With an ideal male physique of the times and beautifully sculpted musculature with accompanying finely carved veins. 

Luscious locks of hair framed his angelic face. Eyes stared out of his brooding thoughtful visage. 

He wore Greek sandals with the tiny wings of Apollo attached at the Achilles’s tendon area. 

When he was made, his makers deemed him the height of artistry, the mark of perfection, made at the peak of their towering sculpture powers.”

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