Married This Year

365 days to find a husband? I can do that…

Jordan Parker is so sick of men who don’t live up to her standards. Which is pretty sad, since her standards are outrageously low. All she wants is a good man with a sense of humour, who’ll treat her right. That’s not so much to ask, is it?

With her current date another douche canoe, and her best friend announcing she’s getting married on the same night, Jordan feels like an utter failure—even the bartender takes pity on her and buys her a drink.

But Jordan is an achiever. She doesn’t fail at LIFE!

So she makes a plan. 365 days from now, she’ll be married. Decision made.

Some quick notes on a serviette, a new goal setting phone app and she knows she’s onto a winning idea.

If only she hadn’t overindulged last night, she might know if the hot stranger in her bed right now has any chance at being ‘the one’.

If you like funny books that make you laugh out loud, outrageous dating scenarios and a romance to make your heart melt, then you’ll love Tracey Pedersen’s fun romantic comedy series.

The Married This Year series:

Married This Year
Simmering Love
Adventures In Hiring
Ticket To Ride
Novella – Married This Christmas
She’s Having a Baby! (due 2020)

Married This Year is part of a series where each book is a separate story with a new couple featured in each book. You don’t need to have read the previous books to enjoy any of them. Each book has a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.

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