Design Yourself: How to Build and Use your Creativity to Get Anything you Want

| June 11, 2020

In today’s busy and overscheduled world, people are stuck in monotonous daily routines that are killing their creative energy and as a result, they aren’t getting any closer to the things they actually want out of their lives.

In Design Yourself, Daniel offers insight and real-world examples of how to cut through all the noise and have more of the experiences that are most important to you, despite the obstacles that present themselves along the way.

With practical suggestions, thought-provoking quotes, and unconventional ideas, this fast-paced roller coaster of a read will inspire you to take action as you’re lead through the thrilling and unpredictable process of recognizing creative opportunity and capitalizing off of those moments as soon as they arise.

You’re only one decision away from completely changing your life and getting one step closer to the person you actually want to be. Will you finally bet on yourself and take that leap, or play it safe and regret it when it’s too late to do anything about it?

At the end of the day, taking the leap will be the most rewarding decision you choose to make. What would your life be if you never took a chance at anything? It’s time to take a chance on this book. It’s time to get creative!

“WOW!!! I just finished the book. It’s 2am, and I’m speechless in so many ways. I could not put your book down- you took me on a wonderful, exciting, thrilling, scary journey into what makes Daniel Daniel. I knew some of the journey but oh boy, I had no clue the journey it’s been and I already know that this was the edited version.” – Kim, Amazon Customer

“Book was great! Loved the way you showed the different uses of creativity to solve all kinds of problems!” – Drew, Amazon Customer

“This book was great! I enjoyed it most because it wasn’t word vomit of quotable mantras mixed with superficial “I did it and so can you” bullshit. He gave good content, examples, and then followed it up with actionable items (which I find most nonfiction is lacking).” – Chelsi, Amazon Customer

“Overall, I really enjoyed it. I’m selective about personal development books but felt this book was a good mix of encouraging, but real.” – Lauren, Amazon Customer

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