Web of Silence: The Ray Schiller Series

| June 13, 2020

No one is talking: the victims, the suspects, not even his partner…

In his line of work, Detective Ray Schiller can’t help but assume the worst. When a man and woman lie shot in a dark Minneapolis alley, he senses the crime is more sinister than a simple mugging. The discovery of an abandoned child nearby and a second murder victim miles away only adds to the mystery…

But when the child won’t talk, Ray runs out of clues to follow. As he searches for answers, another kind of silence hits the detective where it hurts. Waverly is keeping something from him, and the implications could destroy their partnership for good…

Web of Silence is the standalone fourth mystery in the Ray Schiller series. If you like authentic characters, high-octane action, and unexpected twists, then you’ll love Marjorie Swift Doering’s pulse-pounding tale.

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