Outrunning Josephine Finch

| January 18, 2014


Outrunning Josephine Finch

It only took one moment.

One lie.

One Josephine Finch to keep them apart…forever.

Sixty-four years have passed since Emmy lost her true love, but the curse still echoes through every second, every breath, every heartbeat, and Emmy’s tired of running.

With the help of a Wish Listener named Adam, four generations of troubled women will come together for two weeks in a cabin at Angel’s Cove—their last chance to face down the past and put an end to the dark secret that has haunted Emmy for a lifetime.

But Angel’s Cove is not just a mountain vacation resort. If Emmy gets her wish, her bloodline will finally find true love as beautiful as what Emmy lost so long ago. If she doesn’t, the legacy of Josephine Finch could destroy them all.


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