The Aztec Secret

| June 24, 2020
The Aztec Secret - ASIN B08BG6QCJY

Follow Ted Mendez on a breathtaking adventure to uncover an ancient mystery that had remained unsolved for 500 years.

A trip to Mexico goes sideways for aspiring journalist Ted when he becomes an accessory to the burglary of an ancient artefact. Held against his will and forced to aid a desperate professor in deciphering clues from a 500-year-old manuscript written by Hernán Cortés, he quickly finds himself following in the footsteps of the conquistador to track down a legendary Aztec jewel.

A bright young archaeology student, a corrupt government official, a trio of ruthless mercenaries and a policewoman seeking redemption are just a few others whose lives become wrapped up in the hunt for the long-lost treasure.

Taken deep into the jungles of Mexico and Guatemala, Ted must face his worst fears and find a way out of an impossible situation. Can he uncover the secrets of the past to preserve his future?

A fast-paced treasure hunt with plenty of twists and turns, The Aztec Secret is the second novel by Joe Topliffe.

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