Emily The Mountain Lover (Twin Creek’s Rain Ranch Romance Series Book 6)

| June 21, 2020

It will take all Emily’s unique skills, not to mention her faith in God, to help her get out of this mess alive and get back to the man she’s swiftly fallen in love with!

California 1886. Emily Weiss is an unusual young lady from her flaming red hair down to her penchant for rock climbing, learned from her geologist father.

But after her father suffers a terrible accident and can no longer support the family, Emily leaves home so there will be one less mouth for her parents to feed. She heads west to marry Dusty Moore, a farmer in tiny Twin Creeks, California.

But when she arrives in town, right off the bat, there’s trouble. First, Emily and Dusty get off to a very rocky start. Then, once things seem to be on the mend between the new couple, Emily finds herself abruptly pulled into the mystery of the treasure of Twin Creeks.

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