Carved Heart In Trunk

Dr. Karl Demmans is a chemist, a musician, an academic author, and a poet with a fascination in syllabic verses. His musical journey began in Sarnia, Ontario at a very young age wherein he studied music theory under the guidelines of the Royal Conservatory of Music. Over the following decade he has demonstrated an aptitude towards musical composition on guitar as well as lyrical rearrangements through his dedication to journal keeping. In 2018 he completed a doctorate in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Toronto, which was quickly followed by his first album release under the pseudonym Karly D. The collective themes herein discuss physical and emotional isolation in the twenty-first century, anticipatory anxiety and the fear of death, addiction to negative emotions, self-reflection, love loss, and complete honesty. The lighter works detail daydreaming about the future of humankind through a lens of science fiction and the idea that modern chemistry can be as exciting as the alchemy of old.

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