Protection of Magic

Protection of Magic - ASIN B089GXZ7DK

Leira Berens magic continues to grow.?

Can she learn fast enough to fight off the Dark Forces on her own? 

A mysterious Elf known as the Fixer arrives to teach her.

He may know more about her origins than he’s saying.

The World in Between has trapped Mara, but no one has ever unlocked its secrets. Will the magicals hidden in plain sight come together to help her fight?

The troll is loose in Austin for a night on his own. But when it counts, he fights by Leira’s side clawing at the danger…?

Who will emerge from the dark prison?

Don’t look away. Someone is practicing a Dark Magic that died out with an ancient foe.

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NOTE: This is an enhanced edition with a lot more story added inside each book. Enjoy the updated adventures!

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