Reading Palms For Fun Because it SHOULD be fun!: A Power-Packed Little Guide To Easily Learn Palmistry

| June 27, 2020

This is an update to the original palmistry book I wrote. While skimming through it recently, I thought, “Could this be any more boring?” Then I remembered when I was delving into the world of palmistry in the mid-70s, I had fun while I was learning. Maybe that’s why I found it so easy to learn. It came naturally to me. This is the reason why I rewrote the book with a lighter theme. I hope you enjoy learning this nifty craft!

Warning: There is some “salty” language in this book with little sexual inferences.

Do you want to know what’s going on in your life and better understand yourself? The answers are in the palm of your hands. No tools are required.

Katie’s curiosity was the primary reason she wanted to learn what her hand could be telling her. That was back in 1976 when she bought her first palmistry book.

The learning process began by observing her own palms while studying that little old book. Katie became thoroughly knowledgeable and capable of reading the palms of not only herself but of many other individuals.

“Reading Palms for Fun” essentially has the same lessons she assimilated and has used successfully for over 40 years. This is NOT a complete guide to palmistry. It covers certain aspects of palmistry but more than enough for you to solve the mystery of your own hands plus others and to reveal where your life and theirs is heading.

Katie includes a few “tricks” you can use on your friends and lovers without them knowing what you’re up to. (She is quite a mischievous woman.) She also reveals the secret behind reading palms.

To easily and quickly understand the fascinating science of palmistry, scroll up and press the “Buy Now” button now.

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