Firecracker Cookie: A Frenemies to Lovers Romantic Comedy (A Year in Love Book 3)

Sparks will fly when a blast from the past threatens their future.

Just when they learned to work together, a femme fatale from Steve’s past threatens to incinerate Nat’s newfound trust in him. 


For all I care, Veronica Carter could be a real-life superhero instead of playing one in the biggest movie franchise ever. If she thinks I’ll let her come swooping down like the bird of prey she is to try and snatch Steve away from me, she’s in for a huge surprise. 
If Steve is too nice to shoo her away, I am not. 
Just watch me!


I will never do anything to break Natalie’s trust. After all, it took me years to win it back. If only Veronica could take a hint! How do I make her understand that she’s delusional without hurting her feelings? I’ve got to find a way out of this mess before Nat loses it. 
It doesn’t take much to ignite her fury. Or her passion.
I’d rather have her burning from our lovemaking than from rage.  

Download today the third installment in this delicious new series to find out how Natalie and Steve celebrate 4th of July. 

Firecracker Cookie- Book #3 in the brand-new A Year in Love Series. Sexy Romantic Comedy stories that will have you curl your toes and split your side.


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