To Rescue a Princess: The Chronicles of Cornu Book 2

| July 3, 2020

Mike Mulvaney went for a long hike in the Adirondacks and wound up in a different world Cornu. Plants, animals, and humans populated this world over the centuries. The technology was the late 1700’s. The human population had a few differences from the norm – low population growth, longer life, and more women than men. It didn’t escape violent power struggles, and Mike stepped right into the middle of one. The kingdom of Porfia was attempting a decapitation strike against the Royal Family of Nordia, targeting the crown prince and his family.
Mike freed the village of Vinfarm from the bandits taking part in the attempt and headed towards civilization, hoping to find a way home. Instead, he found himself in the middle of the attempt on the Crown Prince and his family. Mike helped defeat the large band of brigands attempting to capture and turn them over to Porfia for degradation and then death. He also helped them avoid attempts by assassins. In the process of this, he became close to the family. The youngest daughter Catrina, a vivacious blonde beauty; she was at the age where she was looking to get betrothed, and Mike suddenly found himself at the top of the list.
He found her very attractive but was worried by her youth and the fact that she was a princess. He worked to help keep the family safe and help the people of Cornu by transferring some of his scientific knowledge before he found his way home.

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