THE COBRA CORRIDOR: A Spy Action Thriller Inside The CIA & NSA’s War On Global Nuclear Terrorism

What happens when an intercontinental ballistic missile is launched from the plains of Nebraska to annihilate Beijing?

How come it deliberately returns to American soil killing over 4,500 people on Mother’s Day instead?

Who is in control of The United States’ nuclear arsenal?

More importantly, why is a CIA Special Operations Group’s mission in Lebanon being sabotaged?

Inside the White House, a terrified Situation Room has the Secretary of Defense, championed by his military Pit Bulls from the Pentagon, at the throats of the NSA Director and Secretary of State. Chasing espionage answers, NSA spy satellites pick up chatter between an Oriental and an American accent. Syrian terrorists have control of the United States’ land based ICBM arsenal and threaten to obliterate Washington, D.C. unless their ransom demands are met.

An exclusive Special Operations team is called in to hunt down the unprecedented black threat. Consisting of ex Seals, pilots, specialized snipers, assassins and ex-prisoners, they are lead by two brothers John and James Cable, who hate each other. Why was James, besides currently suffering from post-traumatic stress, not their first choice?

President Harold Willis is trapped in a whirlpool of lies and deception with his clandestine intelligence and the NSA as the encrypted secret Golden Codes cannot be hacked. With no cooperation from MI6, Mossad, counter intelligence or any other covert agency, war game nuclear bomb analyses declares treason and the hunt for a traitor is launched. The initial threat of external Cyber warfare is eliminated. DEFCON 2 is authorized, the first time since the Gulf War and only previously in the Cuban Missile Crisis during the cold war, in a race to prevent any warhead exiting a silo and avoiding a self-inflicted first strike. All is not what it seems.

Boosted by the Air Force the Special Ops team cruise through international air space targeting Beirut, Lebanon. Their combat mission spirals out of control when James disobeys orders in an explosive F-22 dogfight and the whole team gets blown out of the sky. How is it that John and James are the only ones able to escape and eject over the southern countryside of Lebanon?

Can they avoid being taken hostage? With only eight hours left, are they able to save the lives of millions?

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