Lifestyle Hacks and Workouts for Working People (Healthy Aging for Busy Parents and Professionals Book 4)

| July 13, 2020

Have you ever said to yourself
“I just can’t seem to find the time to get to the gym.”
“I don’t have the same amount of energy as I used to.”

Does this sound familiar:
Must make breakfast and get the kids ready for school.
Have to drop the kids off at school and rush to work.
Deal with traffic, stress at work, and deadlines.
Finish work, try to get home, deal with more traffic, rush the kids around to after school activities, make dinner, get homework done, do the dishes, take care of laundry and more.
By the time you get the kids to bed, now there might be a Netflix series or book to catch up on. Before you know it, it is time to go to bed and start the process all over again tomorrow.

With the modern 8-5 work schedule, family commitments, and social life, how can we find the time to work out?
If we are able to find the time, is it better to exercise before or after work?
What about lunchtime workouts? What are the most effective workouts we can do with such limited time? How about training at home vs the gym? Does eating play a role in workout times? Sleep? Stress?

Book number 4 in the Healthy Aging for Busy Parents and Professional series, Lifestyle Hacks and Workouts for Working People aims to answer these and many more questions.

Chapters include:Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: When to Work Out: Before, During, or After Work
Sections include:
-Benefits and pitfalls of working out before work, during lunch break, and after work.
-From increases in energy, optimal testosterone and cortisol levels, to improving sleep and muscle growth, we break down the science to help you decide which time of day is best for your goals.

Chapter 3: Working Out At Work
Sections include:
– Health consequences and trends of sedentary office jobs
– Breakdown and guide to equipment you can use at your desk
– Intro to Isometric training (and isometric training tools)
– Postural correction, pain management, and fascia lengthening techniques/methods to help you through your day
– Statistics and health tips for windshield warriors

Chapter 4: Sleep and Eat Hacks
Sections include:
– Negative impacts of sleep deprivation
– Hacks to improve sleep including supplements, tools, exercise, apps, breathing techniques and more
– Nutrition hacks and sections on intermittent fasting, macro counting, keto and cyclical ketogenic dieting, 10 foods for longevity and more
– In-depth section on probiotics, including research on strains, guide to brands, what to look for, best time to take them, foods that contain probiotics and more.

Chapter 5: Stress Hacks
Sections include:
– What is stress and how cortisol impacts the body
– Stress hacks including breathing techniques, apps, stress management programs, foods and more

Chapter 6: Workouts for Working People (The 9D Method)Includes:
– Sample 15, 30, 45, and 60 minute workouts
– Sample at home workouts
– Pushup, sit-up, and chin-up progression charts
– Sample strength and hypertrophy workout templates
– Sample at home kettlebell and bodyweight mixed workouts
– Sample sprint workouts and more..

If you are a busy parent or professional that just can’t seem to find the time to work out the way you want, download your copy of Lifestyle Hacks and Workouts for Working People today!

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