Tennis’ Funniest Battle of the Sexes — A True Story (An amusing account of Bobby Rigg’s Nortorious Aspen Hustle)

| January 22, 2014


Tennis' Funniest Battle of the Sexes -- A True Story (An amusing account of Bobby Rigg's Nortorious Aspen Hustle)

In the late 70’s Marv Huss and his wife Sally Moore Huss, who had just gotten off of the Virginia Slims Professional Tour, arrived in Aspen, Colorado to develop and promote a new world-class tennis resort — The Aspen Club.

To make an impact on a town that already had five tennis facilities, Marv, formerly head of advertising and promotion for Hallmark Cards, hired the infamous Bobby Riggs to play a “Battle of the Sexes” match against his wife — winner-take-all.

With the whole town involved, what transpired was well beyond Marv’s expectations, but not beyond Riggs’. Arriving in Aspen several days prior to the event, Bobby was escorted off the plane by his aide, the voluptuous Nurse Nancy. Milking a “sore” elbow” and an “inability to deal with the high altitude” Riggs, the greatest hustler of all time, lived up to his reputation.

It was a great event with the whole town and practically the whole state of Colorado participating through a statewide bank promotion. Mesmerized and fleeced, the residents got their money’s worth as did Mr. Riggs! A very memorable and funny week in beautiful Aspen, Colorado.


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