Create Calm

Are you sick of feeling anxious, overwhelmed or stressed out? Looking for a way to make your life feel more under control and calm quickly and on your own terms? In this practical and motivating book, Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken ND walks you through her solution to help you overcome stress and overwhelm using the Tranquil Minds Method developed to help her patients reduce their anxiety. In Create Calm you will find – A step-by-step guide to managing the lifestyle factors that contribute can contribute to increasing stress and anxiety levels – Dr. Katie’s method for authentic decision making to help you say yes to more of what you love and no to the things that are holding you back – How to use nutrition, exercise and mindfulness to literally build a better brain – Tips that can help everyone move towards living their best intentional and conscientious life. Create Calm highlights one of Dr. Katie’s strongest beliefs, that you can live an authentic life and can improve it on your own terms. Create Calm is the blueprint for a life of more meaning and joy, and less fear and anxiety. Create Calm is a straight forward, step-by-step guide to transforming your anxiety in to feelings of peace and calm, one moment at a time.

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