Dick Wiener Must Die!: A Story Of Redemption

A high-stakes race to stop a world-destroying calamity…

A big-rig-driving pirate packing a shotgun and a bottle of rum…

A genius who cracks time-travel, but can’t stop soiling his pants.

It’s all in a day’s work for mild-mannered toilet company executive Richard Wiener in one of the most outrageous, action-packed comedy adventures ever put to page!

Dick Wiener just wants to bring respect to his family name, but to do it, he must put his day job aside and embark on an epic adventure of hilarious proportions.

Professor Wesley Waxworks is just an average physics professor, until he gets a visit from a most unexpected time traveler…himself.

Downtown Brown just wants to fix his clogged toilet, until he crosses paths with a nuclear terrorist hell bent on ending the world.

When the trio’s paths cross, their seemingly ordinary lives will be turned upside down as they realize that the fate of the world may rest on their every move. The hero of this story is among them, and so is the story’s greatest villain. Worse, they might be the same person. 

In this bats**t crazy adventure: 

• Time-travel!

• Non-stop action!

• Early 20th century sea voyages!

• Beautiful New Jersey!

• A man gets incinerated by a genitalia-shaped torch!

The fate of humanity rests in the unsteady hands of Dick Wiener. 

A one-of-a-kind page-turner that’s left readers everywhere satisfied and smiling, Dick Wiener Must Die! proves that sometimes the biggest adventures come in average-sized packages. 

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