Descendants of Magic: Devon Richards and the Dark Storm

| January 23, 2014


Descendants of Magic: Devon Richards and the Dark Storm

Devon Richards has just turned fifteen years old and he’s always been different from the other kids, but now he’s about to find out how different he really is when his strange powers suddenly surface.

Devon was raised by his aunt and uncle (who he soon learns aren’t really his aunt and uncle) and they’ve always moved from place to place, never staying anywhere too long; it was like they were running from something. Devon always believed that his mother had abandoned him when he was a baby, but now he’s learned the truth – his mother left to protect him, to find the answers. Devon doesn’t know where his mother is, he just knows he needs to find her.

But there are bad people after Devon, bad people who will stop at nothing to prevent him from getting to the truth. As the journey begins to find his mother, Devon dreams of a girl his own age with special abilities of her own. He knows she’s in trouble – the same shadowy people who are pursuing him are after her. He knows that he needs to help her, and he knows that she’s the first clue to finding his mother and the mind-blowing answers that she possesses.


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