Game Space

Trapped Inside Alien Video Game. SEND HELP!

When Leo moves to Colorado, he uncovers a secret hidden beneath his grandfather’s hilltop observatory – a crashed UFO with an alien game on board. Forty years ago, Grandma Alice fell into the virtual world and vanished. Grandpa John has searched for her ever since.

Leo’s grandfather asks him to guard the game while he’s away. Now determined to solve the mystery of his missing grandmother, Leo goes inside. He believes he’ll captain a spaceship, but finds himself surrounded by a decimated fleet and in real danger.

To survive, Leo must win over a new group of friends. That won’t be easy, as one of them is deeply suspicious of him. Leo has no choice but to adapt quickly. However, the smallest misstep could mean losing his family, and his life…

**Suitable for Ages 15 to 500

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