The Reined Groom (Bluebonnet)

| January 24, 2014


The Reined Groom (Bluebonnet)

Sequel to Lasso Me a Mom. Second in a three book series.

Nikki McGregor has big aspirations to become an elite dancer. With a full scholarship to Diamond Dance in her sights, she’ll do whatever it takes to make her dream come true. However with suspicions that her boyfriend is cheating on her, a dance scout watching her closely, and the recent news of her mother’s engagement materialize, it’s become hard for her to keep her priorities straight. Her life is spinning out of control faster than she can complete four pirouettes.

Cassie McGregor has enough on her plate to worry about: along with getting news that her daughter isn’t planning on going to college, she must deal with her mama’s boy husband to be Jeffery Raines and her fiancé’s “momster-in-law”, as well as plan and organize her wedding.

As the wedding date looms closer and a medical emergency surfaces, Cassie and Nikki will soon have to learn the values of family, dedication, and self-acceptance before making it down the aisle.


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