Learn to Read : The Baby Bug – A Learn to Read Book for Kids 3-5

Teach your kids to read any book by exposing them to the words in this early readers book

This is Book 2 of the Series Learn to Read Happy Bird .
The words used to tell the intriguing story in this interactive book for children, are part of the 100 most common sight words found in books and mastery of these words by your kids will encourage early reading and help them to recognize words more.

The list of common sight words used in this interactive eBook includes:
be, it, is, so, and, her, but, can, and, has, too, this, what, could

This interactive sound book tells a story that is full of interesting insects to learn

A little bug is found by Bird who has to figure out which insect is her Mum judging by the sound the baby bug makes.
Will Bird find the Mummy Bug who can make the same sound as Baby Bug?
Let your kids find out in this interactive eBook filled with lots of interesting words for them to learn and enjoy.

Includes a Touch and Listen Activity for the kids

To better understand the common sight words, the children will be exposed to a Touch and Listen exercise were they will be required to touch a word and listen to its pronunciation as read by their parents (or anyone reading the book to them). This way, kids can learn how words are pronounced and get familiar with their spelling.

Your toddler will enjoy this book as it has the following features

– It is a very entertaining short interactive book for kids aged 3-5 and above designed to keep their ever wandering attention span.
– Features a Touch and Listen activity that shows the sight words used in the story so kids can learn their pronunciation
– A great learning tool to teach children to read early by learning the sight words
– A very colorful and entertaining beginner reader book for kids in preschool and kindergarten
– A very educative early reader book for level 1 readers which teaches sight words for preschoolers and beginning readers
– One of the most effective and entertaining learning to read books for kindergarten kids you will find!

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