Watermelon Warrants (A Juiced Around The Corner Cozy Mystery Book 1)

A small-town mystery full of juicy secrets, quirky characters, and a splash of murder.

Entrepreneur and city girl, Marley Bloom, wants nothing more than to prove to her fiancé that there are better ways to start a business than closing your eyes, pointing to the nearest get rich quick scheme, and hoping for the best.

A friendly bet gone wrong leaves Marley on her way to Hazard Valley, population 113, with a brand new juice truck and the clothes on her back. Unfortunately, some of the citizens of Hazard Valley aren’t interested in her or the juice truck she rode in on.

Doing her best to settle in, a change in the town’s management lands Marley in a tight spot. Things escalate when a murder threatens the safety of everyone in the tiny town. She quickly learns about strength and coming together as a community, and Marley is more determined than ever to get to the bottom of all the juicy secrets floating around that everyone would prefer to be swept under the nearest welcome mat.

Can Marley make a big enough splash to keep the tiny town from crumbling, or are she and Hazard Valley both destined for failure?

Find out in Watermelon Warrants, book 1 in the brand new series, Juiced Around the Corner, by Cozy Mystery Author Gretchen Allen!

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