The Island Killer

| July 29, 2020

Claire Skyler is a 30-year-old business prodigy from New York, whose life is at its highest peak with a successful company and a mega rich fiancé. Two weeks before her wedding, she went to Australia for a business trip and on her way home, the flight bound for San Francisco had suddenly gone amiss.

When the world doesn’t have a clue about their whereabouts, Claire finds herself stranded on an isolated island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean with eleven other survivors. One of whom is Jonathan Lee, the sexy captain who has miraculously survived.

When one of the survivors suddenly passed away from a seemingly unnatural cause, people begin to suspect one another of foul play. Was it murder? Was it an accident?

Blame and distrust are in the air. Desperate for answers, Claire is determined to find the culprit as she doesn’t want to become the next victim.

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