$250K Consulting: Double or triple your income – start a consulting company! How to ramp up fast, survive the first year, pull in paying clients, gain trust, and avoid breaking the unwritten rules

| July 30, 2020

Don’t like the company or boss holding back your career and income? Looking for independence, flexible hours, and more choice in how you make a living? Has your advancement been blocked by someone in power who doesn’t like you? Have you ever asked yourself whether you could make it on your own?

All these challenges are covered in the book: $250K Consulting

IT management consultant and business author Bill Yarberry, CPA, will show you how to plan your move to independent consulting. He guides you through steps to acquire clients, survive the critical first year, create trust and most importantly – avoid breaking the unwritten rules.

This book is written for people who are competent in what they do but frustrated by all the roadblocks built into corporate jobs. Have you: Been blocked by fixed (and low) ceilings on raises? Been asked to move to a city when you’d rather stay where you are? Made a small mistake early in your career and then been held back ever after? Been stressed by possible layoffs? If you want to escape corporate life’s straight jacket and dramatically increase your income, $250K Consulting is for you.

Imagine growing your earnings over the next five years by 100% or even 200%. Imagine working on own your terms where you can …

?Choose where and when you work.
?Grow in business or technical skills that best match your natural talents.
?Eliminate the possibility that career crushing, negative people will limit your growth and income.
?Take time off on your schedule.

If you want to improve your life financially and get more satisfaction from your work, download a copy of $250K Consulting today.

Why You Should Check Out $250K Consulting

This book will be a good fit if you:
?Feel boxed in and unable to advance in either your company or your profession
?Prefer to work in specific business or technical domains that interest you rather than whatever you have been assigned to by your employer
?Are interested in expanding your subject matter knowledge by working with a variety of other organizations, each with a different culture, business structure and technology
?Would like to take those same long hours you are now working and apply them to your own business, making a lot more money

This book gives real-life examples of what brings in clients and keeps them satisfied. Caution: $250K Consulting is not a fairy tale or random event, like winning the lottery. It is about hard work, continuous learning, some risk taking and, in the beginning, some uncertainty. But success in independent consulting is both achievable and likely if you follow the guidelines. You don’t need to be any particular age or gender or even good looking. Just do the work, satisfy all the needs of the client and watch your reputation and referrals work their magic; see your net worth grow, slowly at first, then faster each year.

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