A Penny Pincher’s Guide to College: Transforming your Money Mindset, What Grads Wish They Knew From the Start

The ever rising cost of tuition has made the option of graduating college without massive debt seem all but impossible. That is only true if you let it! The false information about numerous aspects of college life have led millions of Americans astray in their pursuit of a degree and a better life. Cover to cover, this book walks you through actionable steps you need to take to shift your mentality when it comes to money as a college student. From tuition and books to credit cards and Friday nights, you will get the knowledge you wish you had learned in high school. If graduating decades ahead of your peers financially sounds good, then this book is for you!

Bradford and Chase- two expert penny-pinchers and debt free graduates, reveal a simple and attainable guide to pinching your way through college, including:

The truth about student loans
Common pitfalls
How to make your money go further
Textbooks: the book that broke the camel’s back
…And much more! Personal finances in college just became that much easier!

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