Adventures of the Little Tiger and His Friends: Too Little, Too Much And Just Right

Ready to dive into the dream-like world of jungles?
Do You like adventures?
Do You want to meet new friends?
Shhh don’t tell anyone about this amazing book!

This book tells a story of how a little tiger tries to find something special to make some new friendships. After searching, he finds it in the most unexpected place and learns that we sometimes look for things that aren’t missing, and we can find value in the most unexpected places. The little tiger becomes friends with rhinos, elephants, monkeys, foxes, anteaters and other animals as he travels throughout the jungle in search for something special.

The journey of the little tiger and his friend anteater can teach everyone an important lesson. You can travel, seek adventure, play, laugh, be surprised, sad, have fun and learn something new, find new friends and discover an amazing world together with these characters!

With gorgeous illustrations and a heartwarming story, this kind book, first published in Latvia, shows the importance of friendship and helping others. It can be read by kids of all ages, it is engaging and enjoyable.

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