The Eliminators: Volume Two

Across the globe. a virus shows no mercy or prejudice. It is violent and swift and the after-effects of its rage leaves the human race at the edge of extinction. The sickness turns its victims into murderous creatures.

Because of this, The Eliminators are born. They are elite teams that travel the country, town to town, taking out the risen dead. A bold and ambitious project to return the world to order.
But can it be safe?

Following a brief pause of the Eliminator Initiative, Jeremiah Rigs leads his motley team of misfits on a mission to reinstate the program and recover Eliminators that remain in the wasteland on the western half of the country.

Rigs and his team quickly learn that in the few weeks they were on break, not only did everything get ahead of them, it is becoming increasingly clear the world could possibly never be restored to order.

The Eliminators Volume Two is the second book in the comedic, horror filled, zombie romping, Eliminator Series.

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